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The "Sit on It" is the revolutionary seat that goes anywhere and anyplace. Whether you are young or old the "Sit on It" will make you more comfortable regardless of where your adventure takes you. The "Sit on It" is a neophreme cushion covered with a woven nylon that will take years of abuse. The unique construction allows the seat to mold to everyone's body shape and size. The adjustable straps create the back support that is missing with conventional stools. The Sit on it is available is multiple color combinations and can be custom ordered for teams and schools in any color combination possible. The sit on it, is nationally carried by the Relax the back company. With over 150 locations throughout Northern California, the sit on it is spreading like wildfire finding new applications in every field. The applications for the Sit on it are limitless.

Boating, skiing, snow, fishing, medical uses- burn ward, Geriatrics, Autism, nursing mothers, childcare mats, bleachers, sports games, beach, hiking, and parks.



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